Silberberg, Martin S.

Principles of general chemistry / Martin S. Silberberg. - 3rd ed., International ed. - New York, N.Y. : McGraw-Hill, c2013. - xxvi, 795, [86] p. : ill., charts.

Keys to the study of chemistry -- The components of matter -- Stoichiometry of formulas and equations -- Three major classes of chemical reactions -- Gases and the kinetic-molecular theory -- Thermochemistry: energy flow and chemical change -- Quantum theory and atomic structure -- Electron configuration and chemical periodicity -- Models of chemical bonding -- The shapes of molecules -- Theories of covalent bonding -- Intermolecular forces: liquids, solids, and phase changes -- The properties of solutions -- Periodic patterns in the main-group elements -- Organic compounds and the atomic properties of carbon -- Kinetics: rates and mechanisms of chemical reactions -- Equilibrium: the extent of chemical reactions -- Acid-base equilibria -- Ionic equilibria in aqueous systems -- Thermodynamics: entropy, free energy, and the direction of chemical reactions -- Electrochemistry: chemical change and electrical work -- Transition elements and their coordination compounds -- Nuclear reactions and their applications.

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