Advertising theory / edited by Shelly Rodgers and Esther Thorson. - New York, N.Y. ; London : Routledge/Taylor & Francis Group, 2012. - xxix, 614 p. : ill., charts. - Routledge communication series. . - Routledge communication series. .

Part I. Perspectives on advertising and advertising theory. 1, What does "theories of advertising" mean?. 2, Coloring outside the lines: suggestions for making advertising theory more meaningful. 3, Agency practitioners' theories about advertising -- Part II. Psychological processes in response to advertisements. 4, The elaboration likelihood model: a 30-year review. 5, The role of emotion in processing advertising. 6, Theories of emotion and affect in marketing communications. 7, Embodied motivated cognition: a theoretical framework for studying dynamic mental processes underlying advertising exposure. 8, Involvement -- Part III. Specific audiences. 9, A theory of advertising to children. 10, Theory advancement in international advertising: drawing on theories from strategic management and internal business. 11, How advertising works within a cultural context: theories and frameworks informing the process. 12, The reflexive game: how target and agent persuasion knowledge influence advertising persuasion -- Part IV. Different types of advertising messages. 13, Creativity and Ad theory. 14, Creativity and risk theories of advertising. 15, A rhetorical theory of the advertisement. 16, Narrative advertisements and narrative processing. 17, Working toward an understanding of persuasion via engaging narrative advertising: refining the transportation-imagery model. 18, Direct-to-consumer advertising of prescription drugs: consumers, physicians, messages, and complexity. 19, Theory building for online health product advertising. 20, Political advertising -- Part V. Media and media devices. 21, Media analysis and decision making. 22, Managing non-traditional advertising: a message processing framework. 23, Role of technology in online persuasion: A MAIN model perspective. 24, Lessons learned for teaching mobile advertising: critical review and future directions. 25, In-game advertising and advergames: a review of the past decade's research. 26, Social media and advertising theory -- Part VI. Organizations. 27, Toward a social ecology of advertising. 28, Brand concept and advertising. 29, I know it when I see it: the definability and consequences of perceived fit in corporate social responsibility initiatives -- Part VII. Contexts of advertising. 30, Ethics and advertising theory. 31, Theory and law. 32, Four theories of how IMC works. 33, Theories about health and advertising -- Part VIII. The future of advertising theories. 34, Human barriers to using theory and research on responses to advertising messages. 35, Toward theories of advertising: Where do we go from here?. 36, Advancing advertising theories and scholarship. 37, Adventures in misplaced theories. 38, IMC, advertising research, and the advertising discipline.

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