Identity and communication : new agendas in communication / edited by Dominic Lasorsa, America Rodriguez. - New York, N.Y. ; London : Routledge/Taylor & Francis Group, 2013. - xvi, 195 p. - New agendas in communication. . - New agendas in communication. .

Mass media and social identity: new research agendas -- Media influences on adolescent social identity -- Biased optimism, media, and Asian American identity -- Same news, different narrative: how the Latina/o-Oriented Press tells stories of social identity -- The new role of bilingual newspapers in Establishing and maintaining social group identities among Latinos -- Prehistory of a stereotype: mass media othering of Mexicans in the era of manifest destiny -- Overview of research on media-constructed Muslim identity: 1999-2009 -- Mass media and African American identities: examining black self-concept and intersectionality -- Rebooting identities: using computer-mediated communication to cope with a stigmatizing social identity -- Conceptualizing the intervening roles of identity in communication effects: the prism model.

Y57 M07 BKE

9780415632799 (pbk.)

Communication--Social aspects
Mass media--Social aspects
Communication and culture
Identity (Psychology) and mass media
Group identity
Intercultural communication

302.2 / I19