Agenda setting in a 2.0 world : new agendas in communication / edited by Thomas J. Johnson. - New York, N.Y. ; London : Routledge/Taylor & Francis Group, 2014. - xxv, 289 p. : charts. - New agendas in communication. . - New agendas in communication. .

"A tribute to Maxwell McCombs."

Media agenda setting in a competitive and hostile environment: the role of sources in setting versus supporting topical discussant agendas in the Tea Party Patriots' Facebook group -- Agenda setting, elections, and the impact of information technology -- Value resonance and the origins of issue salience -- Contingent factors of agenda-setting effects: how need for orientation, issue obtrusiveness, and message tone influence issue salience and attitude strength -- Setting the political culture agenda: the impact of media use on political trust and participation in Kosovo -- Toward the third level of agenda-setting theory: a network agenda-setting model -- It's not just a laughing matter: how entertainment news programs influence the transfer of the media's agenda to the public's agenda similarly to traditional hard news -- From what the public thinks about to what the public does: agenda-setting effects as a mediator of media use and civic engagement -- The public agenda along the life span: testing the life-cycle effect of age on the agenda-setting process -- Online agenda setting: a new frontier for theory development -- Consensus-building function of agenda setting in times of crisis: substantive and affective dimensions -- Agenda setting in the corporate sphere: synthesizing findings and identifying new opportunities in this growing domain.

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Mass media--Political aspects
Digital media--Political aspects
Mass media and public opinion
Mass media--Research

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