Weber, Janet R.

Health assessment in nursing / Janet R. Weber, Jane H. Kelley. - 6th ed., International ed. - Philadelphia, Pa. : Wolters Kluwer Health, c2018. - xxi, 925 p. : ill.

Unit 1. Nursing data collection, documentation, and analysis. 1, Nurse's role in health assessment : collecting and analyzing data. 2, Collecting subjective data: the interview and health history. 3, Collecting objective data: the physical examination. 4, Validating and documenting data. 5, Thinking critically to analyze data and make informed nursing judgments -- Unit 2. Integrative holistic nursing assessment. 6, Assessing mental status including risk for substance abuse. 7, Assessing psychosocial, cognitive, and moral development. 8, Assessing general health status and vital signs. 9, Assessing pain: the fifth vital sign. 10, Assessing for violence. 11, Assessing culture. 12, Assessing spirituality and religious practices. 13, Assessing nutritional status -- Unit 3. Nursing assessment of physical systems. 14, Assessing skin, hair, and nails. 15, Assessing head and neck. 16, Assessing eyes. 17, Assessing ears. 18, Assessing mouth, throat, nose, and sinuses. 19, Assessing thorax and lungs. 20, Assessing breasts and lymphatic system. 21, Assessing heart and neck vessels. 22, Assessing peripheral vascular system. 23, Assessing abdomen. 24, Assessing musculoskeletal system. 25, Assessing neurologic system. 26, Assessing male genitalia and rectum. 27, Assessing female genitalia, anus, and rectum. 28, Pulling it all together : integrated head-to-toe assessment -- Unit 4. Nursing assessment of special groups. 29, Assessing childbearing women. 30, Assessing newborns and infants. 31, Assessing children and adolescents. 32, Assessing older adults. 33, Assessing families. 34, Assessing communities.


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Nursing assessment--Methods

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